Only the brave medical magicians of FAMMM can save the Moon Prince and prevent a viscous lunar civil war.

Fae’s Anatomy: A Melodramatic Medical Mystery is now our hottest game on DriveThruRPG!

t a copy of the book now: available in black-and-white, color, and PDF.

Fae’s Anatomy is a comedic storytelling RPG wrapped around a challenging logic puzzle, recreating the high-stakes melodrama of medical procedurals like Grey’s Anatomy, House, and General Hospital

Anybody can be an expert in Fae’s Anatomy. The game is set in a world where all forms of magic, spirituality, and mysticism are science. Science? Just another form of wizardry. Quackary, superstition, and pseudo-science work, but so does chemotherapy, antibiotics, and sound medicine.

Fae’s Anatomy can generate one of up to 10,000 supernatural diseases from a single dice roll. The book contains the same diagnostic manual characters would use to find a cure, and the contents are even app-assisted to help sort through the possibilities. Is the Patient’s fever the result of a viral infection, or pyrokinesis? Is that extra hair a sign of early-onset lycanthropy, or a glandular problem?

The Patient is a player too! Certain rules variants obscure the answer to the diagnostic puzzle from everyone. Patients must act out an escalating list of mysterious symptoms for the doctors, despite having few clues as to which disease is causing the problems. Roleplay well…or die!

The rest of the players are Providers, medical professionals dedicated to finding a cure. But being a doctor is stressful! Our medical heroes need to steal medications from the pharmacy, make out in broom closets, and misbehave until medicine becomes interesting enough to watch on television. In Fae’s Anatomy, behaving like a messy drama queen is an essential tool for saving lives!

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