Thanks to everyone that helped make the Hebanon Games partnership with Arc Dream Publishing a success!

In it’s first year, Delta Green: Dead Channels has produced a ton of high-quality content for the Delta Green RPG. Our Patreon is helping to steer one of the most beloved horror properties in tabletop gaming, and I couldn’t be a part of that without the community’s wonderful support.

This will be out of date by the time I write this, but here’s a list of the interviews, actual plays, playtest drafts, and other content the Dead Channels has produced so far.

AP Campaigns
Insolent Impulse (3eps)
Deacons of the Bull (3 of 6 posted)
Sanguine Thorn (3)
Poison Thorn (3)

AP Playtests
The Pestilent Riddles (2)
Slugs of Law
Nanny Devereaux (3)
Endless Dive
Buried Sept (2)
Language of the Stars
Schemata (2)

Behind-the-Scenes with Delta Green
Iconoclasts Twitch Stream
Evening with A-Cell (Aug 2021)
Bugging A-Cell Ep.1

Early Access Drafts
Bereavement: Notes
Endless Dive: Notes
Language of the Stars: Playtest
Basts Scraps

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